is a shortcut keyboard app, it save your email templates, canned support replies, fast form completion, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, emoji, or anything you type regularly, and just need one tap when inputting.

Our Features
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    • Dynamic Variables, you just set any phrase need to replace it between {}, like 'Dear {customer}, Hope you are well'. Here you can set customer with any value you need before sending the all phrase.
    • Sync your phrases in all your iOS devices using iCloud.
    • Media folder to save your photos and use them in LazyBoard keyboard.
    • Support GIF images in Media folder.
    • Alphanumeric keyboard.
    • Emoji keyboard.
    • iMessage extension for Media folder to use photos easily.
    • Clipboard folder to save your copied phrases, and see them in LazyBoard keyboard as folder.
    • Sup folders.
    • CURSOR Variable, now you can set cursor position after insert the text.
    • 'Trash' folder, to save deleted phrases and folders, so you can restore them again or delete them permanently. You can find it in 'More' tab.
    • And more...
Placeholders in LazyBoard keyboard
you can insert variables in your phrase, just set your variable between {}. Example: Dear {customer}, and then when you try to insert this phrase you will be prompt to enter value for this variable what here is customer.
Our customers love LazyBoard
Best clipboard app, actively updated w/ new features

by Leahy02116 – Apr 17, 2024

If there’s a better clipboard manager app on iOS than LazyBoard I haven’t found it and believe me I’ve probably tried them all. LB does exactly what you need it to and nothing you don’t; it’s easy to use and the developer is updating the app on a regular basis with new features & functionality that are actually super useful. The UI is fairly clean (particularly compared to any competitor apps) and allows for more user customization with every release. I love how useful this app is and it’s absolutely worth the price—there are only a handful of other apps in the entire App Store I would give such a recommendation. Believe me I wouldn’t be here spending the time to write a review let alone participate in Test Flighting the app if it simply wasn’t the best.

Amazing App🥰👍

by MissKarenSmith – Feb 2, 2024

I Love this app so much it work so well and easy to paste texts my money was definitely worth it 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗


by Mkstvnsn – Dec 7, 2023

This is the best supplemental keyboard of all time. I use it every day. If you do work on your iPhone that requires a lot of typing, this is the app to make you so much more productive. It actually makes my life better. The developer is constantly improving it. My only critique would be to focus more on improving the UX, but even as it is there is no competition.

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